'Times are tough.’ ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees.’ Are you tired of older people telling you about your money, how you make it and how you spend it? Well, apart from them often being right (and we hate that!)… here’s a brand new way for YOU to make more clams! NO CATCH!

We need to sell cars and you need cash, so how about we work together? We reckon that if you refer people to us and they buy a car (new or used), you deserve to get something out of the deal too – it’s only fair. So here’s our proposal:

   Step 1
   Step 2
Verify your e-mail address on the mail sent to your e-mailsupplied by you
   Step 3
A unique number will be sent to your e-mail address –
keep this safe!
   Step 4
Login on Fury Brand Ambassador with your unique number and password
   Step 5
Print your very own personalized business cards
   Step 6
Hand out your business cards
   Step 7
Now the fun starts!! A prospective customer must hand in your business card at any of the eleven Fury Dealerships if he/she is interested in buying a car!
   Step 8
Keep your cell close by!! We will send you a SMS to inform you of a possible sale in the making.
   Step 9
Well done!!! Another happy car drives off from a Fury
Dealership. You will be part of this event with indeed another SMS.
   Step 10
You will now be rewarded with a status upgrade, from Gold to Platinum. Once you have reached Platinum you will remain a Platinum Fury Brand Ambassador.
Please ensure that all your friends and family are aware of this.
You are now a Fury VIP. This means you are invited to New Product launches and Special Events.
   Step 11
Come and collect your Cheque !! You will now start building
a fat, well deserved bank balance.
   Step 12
Come and collect your Cheque !! You will now start building
a fat, well deserved bank balance.

Go to 
to register and become a Fury Ambassador today - NO CATCHES!

If you have any enquiries regarding this site please make contact with us……
or let us know about your success stories !!!!

furyadvantage@fury.co.za or contact any of the branches listed for your convenience.

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